Kid's Tool Belt Reviews and Accessory Guide

Kids Tool Belt Guide: Why Children love them?

After babyhood, kids enter what developmental psychology calls “the exploratory age” which is more likely from 2 to 4 years old. A typical home of these kids is usually filled with assorted toys that cater to their blossoming creativity. Parents and guardians have the primary role on supplying what toddlers needed to foster their growth. Toys must be safe and most of all each of them must serve a purpose.

Busy Little Tots

Among the first thing that a little kid will enjoy is to kidhave varieties of mini-tools that will make a busy playtime. Kid’s tool belt is just the perfect organizer that does not only carry toys but also serves as a cute accessory for the little ones. As long as it is comfortably wrapped around your kid, he can freely roam around the house, or even on the playground.

Most kids would act like a handyman, a carpenter, or a plumber depending on what they must have seen on people around them. Probably they captured a kid show that contained a scene with any of these big man’s jobs. Rather than restraining them from mimicking those scenes, show them the safer version of it. Get one of these kids’ tool belts plus some little handy materials that is made of safe materials and not too small for them to swallow. Take the labels of the toy carton seriously by following the allowed age for them, to avoid untoward incidents.

Tool Belt Criteria

Buying anything for your child must be a serious shopping task. During this age they still cannot identify which is safe from what’s not. They often want to taste or bite anything they see or touch. That’s part of their curiosity so it is a crucial job to watch them all the time. So no one should take for granted details on purchasing something like kids tool belt.


Playing should be fun and little kids have fragile body that must not be strained due to a heavy tool belt. It must weigh as much as a regular kid belt because tools will still place in it. When you shop either online or on-site, make sure you are able to see the actual weight of the tool belt.


The material should repel liquid absorption, nylon is a good fabric of this type. It will avoid stuck up elements that can cause allergy to hypersensitive skin of kids.

Easy to clean

Kid’s tool belt does not  require thorough cleaning every time small patch of dirt stick to it. Simple wiping must be enough to take off stuff like clay or dust.

Aside from safety, you have to also get a toy belt that will look interesting to your kid. Get a color that they prefer and add some personalized design like a name tag or a small id with his photo. There are stores that sell tool belt with cartoon designs.