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Black & Decker Jr Kids Power Workshop Workbench Review

Is your little child getting bored with playing around with his toys? Or do you find his toys really unsafe for him? Then here is a deal for you that you shouldn’t miss. It is the Black & Decker Jr. Kids Power Workshop Workbench.


Truly an entertaining way for your kids, it showcases a tool bench with almost real electronic tools like a circular saw with sparkling effects, a drill press, play cell phone, hammer, screwdriver, saw, wrench, nuts, bolts and screws. It gives kids moments to build a birdhouse making it conducive for a construction-like entertainment.

This kid’s tool bench is a great toy that will keep your little ones happy and occupied. It’s not only for your little boys but your little girls as well. Black and Decker toy workbench is for everybody even grandpa or daddy can help make the birdhouse project included in the set. Using this will never fail to amaze you because it has a lot of working parts and a lot more to learn in using them.

The tools seem realistic which would give you and your child a great bonding time. It is also sturdy which can hold up to all the drilling and hammering and very easy to assemble. The drills make noises similar with the real power equipment and are good for pretending you’re drilling into bolts and screws. The batteries of the tools are long-lasting and can hold up for a couple months of use.

Good for your children

If your kid has a short-term attention span for toys then this kid’s tool bench is the answer for you. It will keep him concentrated and pre-occupied all the time. You can also build and disassemble the birdhouse several times which adds enjoyment to your kids. It is durable, take minutes to put together and gives some safe place and tools for a child to hammer on. It is fun to assemble things made of durable plastic and at the same time promotes motor skill development and creativity of the child.

One shortcoming we see on this kids tool bench is  that it only has a single project item -the birdhouse. I wish there are more projects one can work with. But if your child is tired with the birdhouse, you can disassemble the workbench itself and then use the tools you have to assemble it again. I also think it needs more storage space underneath. It does not have a timer on the saw, so it goes on and on making irritating loud noises most of the time.

All in all, for a price of $75, the Black and Decker Jr. toy workbench is really worth it.