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Bob the Builder – Deluxe Talking Kids Tool Belt Set Review

Does your child love to play building stuffs? Then here is an ultimate adventure he shouldn’t miss – an adventure to play with Bob the Builder – Deluxe Talking Kids Tool Belt Set. I guarantee you, he’ll never be bored again! Let us see why!

Bob the Builder: The Character

As a motion television character, Bob the Builder is a building contractor especially skilled in masonry with a colleague named Wendy and treats work-vehicles and equipment as humans. In each episode Bob and his friends helps renovate, construct and repair projects all over town for the good of the community.

Bob the Builder: The Toy

Bob the Builder toy gained its name from the character Bob Builder. This toy is for Children of ages 2 to 5. Being a kid’s tool belt, it requires the use of 3 AAA batteries for life-like feel of building structures. It is a talking belt with a helmet and multiple tools like pliers, screwdriver, wrench, and hammer with easy-grip handles for that ultimate playing experience.

The belt buckle can talk 5 different encouraging phrases as it lights up. A professional-like hard hat highlights the set while a ruler with extendable screws is sure fun to play with. These type of kids tool belts are safe for your children because they are made out of sturdy plastic and no sharp pointed tools are included in the set.


A talking tool belt gives good sounds and lights up for a child’s reflex learning. The belt also keeps the tools firmly in place. Made of high quality plastic, it can hold up to a lot of use allowing your children to fix every furniture or structure in the house. Funky and stylish, the blue rubber handles makes it easier to hold on to.

The hard hat has the composition similar to what is used at construction sites. It makes your children’s imagination kept alive! Wearing the tool belt with all the hammers and tools makes a child really feel like Bob the Builder the Character. Great as birthday gifts or part of Halloween costumes for your little ones.


I wish the hard hat was smaller and should have been made with adjustments to fit the head. Also, the screws, hammers and pliers are very hard to put on and off the belt. Moreover, the tool belt is made of average quality only and I don’t know if it can hold up for long especially if the child is hyperactive.


At $65, this children’s tool belt can guarantee extreme entertainment and keep him off from other unsafe toys. This stuff is good for your child’s imagination and at a fairly affordable price. If you’re not akin to this one, then better check more of our tool belt for kids review.