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Fisher Price Handy Manny On-The-Job Kids Tool Belt Review

With this Fisher Price’s new addition to its collection of cool, informative and instructional toys for kids that you could grant your child known as Handy Manny On-the-job Tool Belt, your little man of the house could become like the Handy Manny they see and idolize in the show.

Product Features & Review

This kids tool belt also comes with gloves and hat which are alike with those that Handy Manny himself have. It also includes the show’s friendly tools—Pat the Hammer and Squeeze the pliers. Your kids can act as Handy Manny by being able to put on all of his stuff—his hat, gloves, his tool belt and get to work with the aid of Pat the Hammer and Squeeze the pliers.
There are pros and cons to this choice among kids tool belts though. Some parents recommend it but there are also some who have negative comments about it.

Some say that this tool belt is adorable and looks good, and is cute enough as a toy. The included toys, Pat the Hammer and Squeeze the pliers are also lovable, too. But here’s the catch—it does not do anything much, so it is basically just a visual toy.

Given this, the Handy Manny on-the-job tool belt is not totally a waste—it could actually teach your kids and instill them the value of manual work and not absolutely depend on automatic machines.

With the other stuff included in the kit, the visor/hat and gloves does not fit for some kids. For some, the hat could be too big, and the gloves could be too tight. This makes the kit quite a questionable buy, since parents could opt to just buy gloves and hats at a local gardening store, if they want to give their kids a rather realistic experience.

Otherwise, should your kids ask for it on their birthday or as a reward, you could get this Fisher Price Handy Manny on-the-job tool belt for just $10.97 sale price (regular list price is $17.99). Not bad for some little toy luxury, right?

WARNING: This product is not advisable for kids under three years old because of choking hazards due to small parts.