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Home Depot Kids Tool Work Bench Review

Boys like to imitate their dads doing electrical tasks and stuff. Because of their curiosity, most of the time, they get into untoward accidents because they hit themselves with this tool or that tool that they got from the tool boxes of their fathers.

That is why many parents do not want kids, especially these accident-prone boys to meddle in the household repairs that their fathers are doing. However, boys will be boys. It is good to know that there are companies that imitate these industrial materials to make boys get a glimpse of this action.

Cute Features for Your Tykes

Since it is a kid’s tool bench from Home depot, it comes with a big plastic work bench, with a clock at the top. This should be assembled with an adult supervision. It also has 70 different pieces which includes a circular saw, a metal grinder, a power drill, an air wrench, a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and many more. Of course, these are made with soft plastic for the safety of your little boys.

It is also attractive to your tykes since many of the tools flash lights and play enjoyable sounds. It is operated with eleven AA batteries, five of which are included in your purchase. Your children can get a heck of fun while playing with this hardware toy since it is like doing the actual things without worrying of any major accidents.

What Moms have to say?

Mommies are concerned about how her child enjoys his playtime without engaging himself into accidents. With the Home Depot kid’s tool work bench with Lights and Sounds, they have good comments and not so good comments, which can actually be used by the manufacturer to improve their products.

A parent said that she considered the purchase a success since her boys wanted to play with it all day long. This served as a bonding moment for siblings since they get to imagine that they are doing the actual hardware tasks. Assembling the kid’s tool bench itself was a great experience for them since they get to actually use the bolts, screws and screwdrivers. You can also buy separately Home Depot 18-piece Tool Box, Learning Resources Pretend and Play Tape Measure, Bruder Construction Toy Hard Hat, iPlay Little Builder kid’s tool belt to give them a more realistic feel of being into hardware tasks.

Nevertheless, some mommies said that some of the parts are small, that kids can put it in their mouths. There should always be an adult that should look after them while they are playing.  Some also commented that the bench was not so sturdy and that the clock was not actually working. But overall, mommies and grandparents find it a great buy as a Christmas or birthday gift.