Kid's Tool Belt Reviews and Accessory Guide

iPlay Little Builder Kids Tool belt Review

Little children surely live in their “make up” worlds where there, they are adults who can work and do so many things. With this, parents can somehow help their children use their imaginations and at the same time help them to enjoy their childhood and prepare them for the real world they will face soon.

Toys is one of several ways of showing them the things they will be needing to deal with in the future.  With this, International Playthings had come up with a new toy that will surely be love by little handymen wannabes out there, the iPlay Builder Tool belt.


The toy from iPlay will really excite kids and toddlers as they will be able to hold play tools which they can use to help Dad and Mom fix things around the house. The iPlay builder tool belt is a strong and powerful kid’s tool belt that has two front pockets which contains the tool set intended for toddlers and preschoolers.

These kids tool belts include make believe play hammer, pliers, adjustable wrenches and two bits screw driver. Another item also is an electronic beeper that can be used by your young builder.  The set of play tools are great enough to put those young men into the world of grown-up fixing and setting up things. Being lightweight and fit for little fingers, toddlers will be able to handle the tool belt easily and use them without difficulty in building and fixing their things.

The toys will provide great playtime hours for little children as they can carry all the tools wherever they go since they can all be placed in the toy belt wrap around your kid’s hips. The little beeper can also be used to track the your child’s whereabouts in case he got lost wandering for things to fix.

Fit for your child

The kid’s tool belt is suited for children with ages 24 months- 7 years. Fit for their ages, the tool belt will surely feed their young minds and help them to know the tools they need to use when they would be out fixing real things. It will also help them realize and value things around them. These children’s toy belts will nurture their mind and develop their psycho-motor and social skills they need.

For parents who are interested to try this new play set for their little children, you may get it at a price of $13.95 and can start playing with your little handyman.