Kid's Tool Belt Reviews and Accessory Guide

Occidental Leather Little Oxy Kid’s Tool Belt Review

Kids’ tool belts are readily available in the market. However, before you go all crazy and buy them for your tots, you should consider a few things. First, it should be lightweight. Your kid is still delicate. So, giving them a tool belt that will strain them is not a good idea. Also, make sure that is non-absorbent, like the nylon material. Otherwise, it might cause allergies on your child’s skin. Lastly, make sure that is easily cleaned. Your kids are bound to get into a dirty mess at one point, so save yourself from the stress of cleaning it.


Yes, nowadays, construction workers and carpenters are not the only one who can use tool belts. Kids can use them, too. Primarily, it has all the materials they need for their playtime, or for a project in school. Do not let your kids have a hard time getting your stuff. It is not only the tools which they can put in it. Now, they can keep their toys, too.

For example, if your child will be playing over at someone else’s house, or at the community playground, be hassle- free as you bring all their stuff with this kid’s tool belt. Plus, the fun fact about it is that your child can look hip and cool with it. It is not just a mere tool belt. It is also an accessory. You never know; maybe they might want to be an engineer, carpenter, or a plumber when they grow up.


The Occidental Leather Little Oxy kid’s tool belt can be bought over Amazon for $23.00. This tool belt is made specially for kids. It has two durable nylon bags, and has genuine leather belt loops. On each side, there is a space especially allotted for a hammer. Through this, children can put and get it from either their left side or right side, whichever suits them.

What is even better about this kid’s tool belt is that its durable nylon belt can be easily adjusted, thus, fitting everyone of every size and shape. You will not have to fumble around the buckles, too, because they release quickly. It does not even weigh a pound, so you will not have to worry about your kids feeling heavy about it. There are six pockets and tool holders, which will give them enough room to house everything in.


Among all the people who bought and used this kid’s tool belt, almost all of them loved and raved about the product. Its high quality earned their needs. They loved the fact that it could also be used by professionals. Just a longer belt is needed. Most of the children who used this wanted to look like their fathers or grandfathers. This product served that purpose well. The best part was that it was not a one- time tool. Kids could use it as they grow up, and as long as they want to.