Kid's Tool Belt Reviews and Accessory Guide

Pink Tool Belt for Girls: Kid’s Tool Belt Review

Children, as they are, like to explore on things that they see adults do. They like to imitate their dads, moms, siblings, and even neighbors, too. When they see adults that do things which they consider, heroic, they try to imitate them to. Even, whatever they see in television or in the internet, they do not let these activities pass. Most girls like to play dolls (Barbie, rag dolls, baby dolls, etc.).

However, some girls, especially those who are living with their dads or living in the countryside, like to play like they are “handymen”. They would ransack the tool kits of their fathers and play with them, imitating construction activities, like hammering or sawing or measuring. And more often than not, they get themselves into trouble by destroying these tools, or worse, getting them into accidents. This is part of their learning experience as a child. But there are now ways to cater to this need of exploration without compromising the safety and health of our children.

One of this is the Mini Pink Tool Belt for Girls. These type of kids’ tool belts are small and pink in color, which suggests that they are made for little girls. It is made of durable suede leather. It has an adjustable poly-web belt with a buckle that quickly releases whenever the user wants to. The belt includes two main nail or tool pockets, a center pocket where tape measure is placed, two smaller pockets that fit nail sets, pliers, pencils and others, and two durable hammer or drill loops. This particular kids tool belt can reach up to 30 inches, so every little girl can enjoy it.

Of course, this pink tool belt will not be fun if there are no tools to accompany and work with it. You can also purchase a pink ERB hard hat, pink leather working gloves, and 39 piece tool set. This tool set include pliers, screw drivers, hammers, measuring tapes, scissors, cutters, nails, screws, bolts, and many more, all in pink color. These tools in the tool set are made from the real materials, so your handy girls are able to do actual fixing, not just playing.

These are perfect as gifts for your girls’ birthday or for the holidays or simply for her exploration. This kid’s tool belt gives them an impression that they too, though they are still kids, and girls for that matter, can help in household repairs or just walk around pretending to be one.